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PROVALIN®is setting the new standards in meeting the most stringent migration limitations. PROVALIN® is the answer to ensure compliancy with the legal requirements as set out in the 4th amendment of the Plastic Directive in direct contact with foodstuffs 2007/19/EC, which came into effect since April 2009.

With this directive certain phthalates which were commonly used in PVC lining compounds for closures, have been banned. The use of other plasticizers have been seriously restricted particularly when in contact with highly fatty and/or oily foodstuffs. With the new PIM (Plastics Implementation Measure) Directive (EG) 10/2011 which will largely apply as of May 1st, 2011 new overall migration values (limit value: 10mg/dm²) as well as many specific migration values are stipulated. Failure to comply with this directive can become a very costly operation for the complete food chain. Packaged goods can be subjected to testing and rejection not only at national borders but also at any other stage during storage, distribution or sales of the product along its complete life cycle (up to several years of shelf life in some cases).