ACTEGA Kelstar - Bringing surfaces to life!

The human skin is not only the biggest but most versatile organ.  It serves to differentiate inside from outside, it protects us from environmental conditions, it represents and it communicates. 

Our coatings work in the same way.  

At ACTEGA Kelstar, we bring together functional requirements with aesthetic ideals in a harmonized balance according to individual job specifications so that we can bring products to life. 


  • StarBook

ACTEGA Kelstar introduces its coatings guide to the graphic arts market.

With over 32 pages of some of Kelstar’s most unique coatings, you’ll find ways to present new ideas to your customers who are always looking for innovative ways to produce outstanding graphics.

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Your digital coating solutions partner

  • Your digital coating solutions partner

Major digital equipment manufacturers are creating their own paths, by showcasing the benefits of digital printing technology as compared to traditional printing methods.  

ACTEGA Kelstar has developed several highly efficient digital coatings to support digital presses that provide superior adhesion, brilliance and clarity to strengthen any project.

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