ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Aqueous Coatings

StarKote® Aqueous Coatings

ACTEGA North America is a market leader and manufactures a wide selection of aqueous coatings for the paper based packaging and commercial market. ACTEGA North America StarKote® coatings are custom formulated for both specific application equipment and also to meet specialized finished product specification to maximize runnability and productivity on press.

Our coatings line is supplemented by specialized functional coatings for the flexographic, lithographic and gravure markets.

The performance advantages of ACTEGA North America's aqueous coatings are:

  • Exceptional Runnability & Machinability
  • Excellent Gloss & Dry Speed
  • Excellent Rub & Block Resistance
  • Low Odor, "Low VOC" Technology

Our aqueous coating program is managed by leading formulators in the Graphic Arts who have a broad base of knowledge, and are extremely creative and innovative to provide our customers with cutting edge technology. ACTEGA North America also has expertise and is experienced with the design and installation of customized Aqueous Tote Pumping Systems or Bulk Systems which reduce costs and greatly improve material handling for our customers.

ACTEGA North America's aqueous coating product line includes:

  • Primers
  • Satin & Matte Coatings
  • Folding Carton Coatings
  • Work & Turn Coatings
  • General Purpose Coatings
  • Super High Gloss Coatings
  • Specialty & Functional Coatings

StarKote® primers can be used as versatile utility coatings and may even be work & turned or used as a combination primer / topcoat. The best primers provide inter-coating adhesion with UV coating after 8 hours even when the ink contains high VOC levels.

Satin & Matte Coatings - ACTEGA North America manufactures a wide variety of satin and matte coatings that are formulated to provide lower gloss levels for contrast of gloss. Our technology provides exceptional smoothness eliminating the common problems of streaks and unevenness often experienced while running satin and matte coatings. Satin and matte coatings are used primarily for cosmetic or commercial work when varying levels of gloss are required to provide an aesthetically pleasing effect. Select StarKote® satin and matte coatings are designed to provide print flexibility and are both foil stampable and UV coatable. Our technology provides exceptional machinability and smoothness eliminating the common problems of streaks and unevenness often experienced while running satin and matte coatings.

Satin Coatings have gloss levels of 30-60º measured on a 60º gloss meter.
Matte coatings have gloss levels of 10-30º measured on a 60º gloss meter.

Folding Carton Coatings - ACTEGA North America folding carton coatings are formulated to provide a combination of exceptional rub resistance and gloss and conform to stringent (COF) slide angle requirements. ACTEGA North America folding carton coatings have excellent drying characteristics and block resistance to maximize runnability on high speed and large format presses. Various folding carton formulas are available that offer different degrees of rub resistance with excellent gloss. ACTEGA North America's trained technicians will match the proper coating to specific equipment and desired finished product specifications. Different coaters require specific types of gloss coating formulations for optimum runnability, and machinability to maximize production speeds.

Work & Turn Coatings - ACTEGA North America has a wide variety of "unique" work & turn coatings that are formulated with additional block resistance to provide more latitude when printing heavy density ink on highly calendared stocks. ACTEGA North America's work & turn coatings eliminate picking & sticking on the most stringent work & turn jobs that have extremely heavy ink coverage and require fast turnaround.

General Purpose Coatings - are formulated for every day use to accommodate a wide variety of finished product specifications that differ in gloss, dry speed, COF, rub resistance, and block resistance. In addition, press speeds, drying systems and coater designs require coatings with specific runnability properties.

Super High Gloss Coatings - ACTEGA North America's super high gloss coatings are formulated to provide the highest gloss levels for high quality commercial work, folding cartons and labels. Starkote super high gloss coatings have the highest solids level to maximize holdout and gloss on a variety of substrates.

Specialty & Functional Coatings - ACTEGA North America formulates a variety of flexographic and gravure functional coatings for a variety of resistance characteristics:

  • Paper Plate Coatings
  • Alkali Resistance
  • Alcohol Resistance
  • Hot Scuff & Hot Release
  • Heat & Block Resistance
  • Playing Card Coatings
  • Grease Resistance
  • Water Resistance
  • Calendar Coatings
  • MVTR Resistance