ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants

Protecting the Climate

In addition to reducing VOC emissions, we are also working on cutting CO2 emissions. This can be done in various ways. First, the use of new technologies in manufacturing can help reduce the ecological footprint of our products. Second, our products can help our customers reduce emissions and energy consumption.

In the context of new technologies, biotechnology, which has not been used much so far in the specialty chemical industry, opens up interesting possibilities. BYK-Chemie has already gathered its first biotech experiences. With a few products, it replaced traditional catalysts with enzymes. The enzymes’ sustainability is indisputable because they are water based, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Furthermore, as they can be processed at much lower temperatures, they have the advantage that they save energy during manufacture and thus reduce emissions. Thanks to the lower temperatures, moreover, secondary reactions, for example color changes that occur when traditional catalysts are used, can be avoided.

When it comes to helping our customers manufacture climate-friendly products, a new development by our company ELANTAS Beck as well as the cooperation between BYK and the Spanish technology center ITENE achieved milestones. With the product group co-Shield, which has already been patented in the U.S., ELANTAS is now offering a groundbreaking two-layer concept for insulating coatings. It prolongs the life of energy-efficient, speed-controlled motors.

BYK’s cooperation with ITENE will push ahead worldwide usage of climate-friendly bioplastics based on polylactic acid (PLA). The additives resulting from the collaboration improve the mechanical resilience and thermal resistance of packaging materials for which the bioplastic is used.