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FoodSafe - Fulfilment of food packaging regulations



Within the last years, the safety of food in packaging printing has become increasingly important. More and more, politics and media take this topic up. New regulations have been adopted, testing methods have been improved. With FoodSafe, ACTEGA Terra can face all these developments. 

What does FoodSafe stand for?

Not only low migration, but the fulfilment of applicable food packaging regulations. For a definite classification, coatings for food packaging are marked with the addition FoodSafe in their product name. FoodSafe coatings stand for the following quality attributes:

  • Low migration.
    They fall below the global migration limit of 60 mg/kg (EU cube model).
  • Certified for the direct contact to foodstuffs. 
    They have been tested by accredited testing laboratories and are certified for the direct contact to dry and fatty foodstuffs.
  • Correspond to the Swiss Ordinance. 
    They only contain those raw materials that are specified in the positive list (SR 817.023.21)

Only coatings that fulfil all three quality attributes at the same time obtain the FoodSafe seal by ACTEGA Terra. In addition, FoodSafe coatings do without unrequested constitutional components, such as mineral oils (MOSH, MOAH), heavy metals and phthalates. All FoodSafe coatings are adapted to low odour.                                  

Measures by ACTEGA Terra for highest safety

ACTEGA Terra undertakes many measures for the highest possible food safety and in order to provide the high FoodSafe quality: 

  • Selection and use of highly purified raw materials
  • Innovative coating formulations
  • Quality controls of raw materials and coating batches
  • Regular analysis of raw materials and coatings by independent testing laboratories
  • Storage and production in high-quality steel tanks
  • Automated production with additional filtration system
  • Independently certified hygiene management according to HACCP
  • Certified management and environmental management system according to ISO 9001 and 14001
  • Reference samples of each batch
  • Highly qualified department for product safety
  • Extensive know how with regard to food law, packaging law and chemical law

Coating portfolio

A significant part of our coating programme is available in the new FoodSafe quality. Currently, 40 waterbased coatings fulfil the strict FoodSafe conditions. There are matt, gloss and high gloss coatings, but also functional coatings and primer. Here is a selection of our FoodSafe coatings:

Data Sheets

  • TerraWet Gloss Coating G 9/230 FoodSafe HTML
  • TerraWet Matt Coating G 9/56 M FoodSafe HTML
  • TerraWet Matt Coating G 9/56 M FoodSafe HTML
  • TerraWet Matt Coating G 9/56 M FoodSafe HTML
  • TerraWet Gloss Coating G 9/640 FoodSafe HTML
  • TerraWet High Gloss Coating G 9/285 FoodSafe HTML
  • TerraWet Matt Coating G 9/99 dull matt FoodSafe HTML
  • TerraWet High Gloss Coating G 9/666 N2 FoodSafe HTML
  • TerraWet High Gloss Coating G 9/666 N2 FoodSafe HTML
  • TerraWet High Gloss Coating G 9/666 N2 FoodSafe HTML
  • TerraWet Special Coating G 9/595 W FoodSafe HTML
  • TerraWet Primer G 9/601 FoodSafe HTML

Consultation: Coatings and food law 

The correct coating recommendation is the ideal balance between many factors: required coating result, press performance, quality level and not least the fulfilment of legal requirements for compliant food packaging.

As the legal conditions are changing and our coatings are adapted to FoodSafe, we offer you an extensive individual consultation. Make use of the opportunity to optimise your coating portfolio and review it with regard to food law and printing requirements. Our consultation includes system analysis, analysis of coating requirements, food law consultation, coating recommendations and application support.

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