ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants


PROVALIN® has been awarded with the following prizes.

Packaging Prize

Within the framework of the BrauBeviale Trade Fair at Nuremberg the awarding of the 34th German Packaging prize took place. Organized by the German Packaging Institute (DVI), this annual competition highlights particularly innovative packaging solutions in various categories. This year in the category “Design, Features, Finishing” the metal screw cap Pano blue seal powered by PROVALIN® was awarded. This is a vacuum closure manufactured by Pano Verschluss GmbH and used by Reichold Feinkost GmbH. The core of this closure is represented by the innovative PVC-free PROVALIN® sealing compound developed by ACTEGA DS GmbH. This is the first time a PVC-free closure has managed to be successfully established in this market segment. Apart from the many advantages during lid production, PROVALIN® also offers consumers maximum safety as regards migration (of undesirable substances from the closure into food) and easily complies with all of the stringent statutory regulations currently applicable for contact with foodstuffs.

ALTANA Innovation Award

PVC-free sealing compound systems of ALTANA's division ACTEGA have been awarded with the annual ALTANA Innovation Award. The award went to PROVALIN produced by ACTEGA DS, the coating system (protective coating TPE-500-MF and adhesion lacquer TPE-350-1-MF) by ACTEGA Rhenania and ARTiSEAL by ACTEGA Artística. These innovations respond to the legislative requirements and demands of the market to withdraw the use of PVC-based sealing compounds and PVC-based coatings in food containers and packaging. The innovation project of three companies of the ACTEGA division illustrates how innovations are successfully developed and marketed through the use of specific know-how and different development technologies. He also pointed out that this cross-company cooperation and the economic success of the products exemplified ALTANA's innovation culture.