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PROVALIN®is setting the new standards in meeting the most stringent migration limitations. PROVALIN® is the answer to ensure compliancy with the legal requirements as set out in the  the Plastic Directive in direct contact with foodstuffs (PIM).

The Plastics Implementation Measure (PIM) Directive (EU) 10/2011 and its various amendments outlines unambiguous specifications in term of acceptable migration of packaging materials into foodstuffs. In particular, phthalates, which were commonly used in PVC lining compounds are mostly banned and the use of alternative plasticizers, such as for ex. ESBO, ATBC or polyadipate, is severely restricted.

PROVALIN® is setting new standards in meeting these stringent migration limitations. Long term migration studies performed at an independent laboratory confirm this. 

Non intentionally added substances (NIAS) are candidates to be the next hot topic. Even if a reliable analytical test method is currently still under discussion, ACTEGA DS is collaborating with experts such as SQTS and Prof. SImat from the TU Dresden.