ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants


ACTEGA Artística is specialist in Water Based Sealing Compounds to be used in food- , beverage- and general line cans. But Artistica is not only a sealing compound manufacturer, ACTEGA Artística

ACTEGA Artística offers the best lining solutions to the most demanding can makers:

Global Quality & Global Supplyer - compounds with uniform quality served anywhere in the world. Know How - 100 years devoted to the art of can sealing.
Reputation - Long term fair partnership.
Universal product - one standard for all applications & all end-uses. Universal WBC - global approvals at key canmakers.
High-yield compound - maximum number of ends lined per liquid kg.
Improvement of line performance - Lining solutions, involving machinery & engineering, hand in hand with compound supplies. Equipment & Lining solutions - state-of-the-art lining technology.
Local service- post-sales local customer assistance.