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Water-Based PVC-Free Compound for Lug Caps.

ARTiSEAL, the water-based compound for lug caps

Designed to be compatible with existing lining equipment, ARTiSEAL is the only non-PVC compound applied in liquid by injection application.

ARTiSEAL water-based technology and green chemistry is the response of ACTEGA Artística to recent consumer trends.

ARTiSEAL is suitable for variety of processes and applications

ARTiSEAL has been commercially validated for use with any food type including fatty and acidy food. Lug caps with ARTiSEAL can be used for cold and hot fill and heat processes including pasteurization and sterilization up to 121 ºC.

ARTiSEAL employed in any typical process meets legislative requirements on migrations.

ARTiSEAL is the compound for a flexible production

Production technology allows the manufacturer to interchange lug cap diameters on one cap lining machine, from 38 to 82 mm, in minimum of time.

ARTiSEAL can be applied on any current cap lining equipment or on a new equipment designed on purpose.

ARTiSEAL is compatible with both cutting-edge and traditional substrates

The superior adhesion of ARTiSEAL turns unnecessary a prior application of adhesive internal lacquers.

The choice of compatible internal coatings is wide. Options include BPA-NI lacquers and laminates.

ARTiSEAL  is the sustainable solution

Consistent with aim to reduce carbon footprint, ARTiSEAL does not require any pre-heating or recirculation. Compound drying and curing temperatures are also reduced.

ARTiSEAL is formulated with renewable raw materials and green chemistry principles, with respect to social demand for packaging that reduces environmental impact and ecological footprint and results in improved sustainability.