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ACTEGA provides a broad portfolio of solutions dedicated to sustainability. This includes products that have themselves been sustainably formulated, as well as products that contribute to a more sustainable end product. Innovative technologies that combine sustainability with a high-quality product decoration are also part of our offer.



ACTGreen® is our portfolio of products that make a decisive contribution to sustainability. Whether sustainable coatings based on recycled raw materials of fossil origin and bio-based materials or renewable resources, water-based barrier coatings or sustainable compound solutions, there is a suitable product for most applications.

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PROVALIN®  is an innovative sealant for metal vacuum closures, free of PVC, phthalates or any other plasticizers. It is the only alternative to conventional PVC materials which has successfully undergone long-term testing. Its safe technology fulfils all current stringent migration limits with regard to the direct contact to fatty and/or oily foodstuffs.

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FoodSafe Gold

FoodSafe coatings form the basis to produce legally compliant food packaging. They are formulated from a defined and tested raw material matrix that has been evaluated according to the criteria of the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Product Standard, category Material Health. As a result, the entire FoodSafe range has been awarded a Gold level Material Health Certificate by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. FoodSafe is our portfolio of water-based coatings for direct food contact, at least to dry and fat-containing foodstuffs.

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EcoLeaf is a sustainable metallization technology that significantly reduces the amount of material, waste, cost and production time for creating decorative embellishments compared to today’s conventional processes that are mainly foil-based.

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Signite enables brands to achieve more from their product decorations. Through a unique printing process, Signite decorations produce significantly lower waste than traditional pressure sensitive labeling, with improved design flexibility than direct-to-container screen printing. All while improving recyclability and reuse capabilities.

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