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    NOVISEAL® PF 8225

    excellent softness, one way or returnable glass bottles, pasteurisation

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    overprint varnish for flat sheet, excellent flexibility

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    tape, vegan, alcoholic beverages <40%, glass and aluminum bottles

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    PVC-Free compound for metal lug caps. Plasticizer-free, BPA-NI and water-based, applied by injection on traditional liners.

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    ACTEbond® TPE-650-MF

    top-coat (adhesive), improved compound-adhesion and processing

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    PROVALIN® 1588

    phtalate free, plasticizer free, conforming to latest PIM 10/2011; especially designed for Ring Pull closures; suitable for all kind of foodstuffs; withstands sterilisation up to 131°C for 60 min for non fatty food and up to 125°C for 60 min for fatty food, with appropriated counter pressure.

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    ACTEcoat® S-166

    exterior OPV, epoxyester, suitable for hot-melt security labels

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    SVELON® 521

    erucamide-free, soft, elastic, hotfill, pasteurization, one way or returnable glass bottles

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    NOVISEAL® PF 2829

    vented closures, excellent softness, hot fill, pasteurisation

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    ACTEbond® HLD-79-40

    adhesion lacquer aluminium pigmentes for PE-compounds, eg. Svelon 855, 880, 874 and Oxylon, Epoxy-Phenol, PVC-NI

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