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    ACTEcoat® SL-819 series

    overprint varnish, good heat pressure resistant, clear, glossy

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    Soft touch

    GALACRYL 8903

    Standard soft touch coating for use of brochures and packaging.

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    TERRAWET CLEAN Cleaning Agent G 12/181

    Non-polluting detergent for water based coatings

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    ACTEbond® ASB-903-Z

    good flexibility, thermal and chemical resistance, esp. for retort applications

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    ACTEbond® ASF-110

    solvent free two component polyurethane laminating adhesive, aromatic isocyanate (MDI)

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    ACTEseal® HSC-427-TH

    Universal Heatseal Coating, PVC-and BPA-free, no seal opening up to 60°C, odor- and tasteless

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    WESSCO® 6601

    Adhesive for lamination

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    WESSCO® LM 66.369.06

    UV laminating adhesive

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    High gloss

    WESSCO® 3503

    UV High Gloss Coating, stambable

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    High gloss

    WESSCO® 3761

    UV high gloss coating, high reactive

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