ACTExact® SafeShield LED-UV Inks

For Low Migration Applications

The ACTExact® line of SafeShield LED-UV inks for labels and narrow web pouches have been certified for use in low migration applications.These include food packaging with indirect contact to foodstuffs along with health and beauty and nutraceutical applications.

All products meet regulatory requirements and comply with the overall and specific migration limits.


Read our whitepaper for additional information to discover how ACTEGA’s SafeShield inks can aid in your regulatory compliance goals.

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SafeShield LED-UV Inks - Run with Confidence

ACTExact® SafeShield LED-UV inks are formulated with stringent protocols and meet the following global and regional regulatory requirements:

  1. Swiss Ordinance Annex 6 A & B listed raw materials
  2. Nestlé 2018 Exclusion List Compliance
  3. EUPIA Exclusion List Compliant
  4. No ECHA SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern)
  5. CONEG/ TPCH (NO - lead, mercury, cadmium & hexavalent chromium free)
  6. TSCA and REACH Compliant
  7. FDA Migration Models

SafeShield UV-LED inks include the following options

  • Specialty Inks
  • 4 Color Process Inks
  • Extended Gamut Inks – Violet, Green and Orange
  • Complete Set of Bases (line colors)
  • 12 Bases
  • Whites
  • Surface White LED-UV
  • Surface White UV cure ONLY
  • Surface White LED cure ONLY
  • Screen White
  • Last Down Hi Slip Shrink White (UV Hg and LED-UV Hg versions)
  • Others-various functionalities

ACTEGA’s SafeShield Inks assure converters and brand owners of compliance with stringent regulatory requirements, regionally and globally."

Mell C Bishop III

Global Market Manager, Flexible Packaging

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