ACTEGA at Interpack 2020


Lehrte, January 28, 2020 – In this year's Arena for Packaging Solutions, ACTEGA will not only show product innovations in the field of packaging and labels, but will also host expert presentations for the first time. Within the framework of a "Packaging Talk & Lunch" program with internal and external experts, interested visitors can inform themselves directly in hall 8a, booth D42 about topics that move the packaging industry. Examples are ACTEGA Metal Print's innovative metallization technology ECOLEAF, new product solutions for food packaging or sustainability trends.

Expected Packaging Trends in 2020 
Besides intelligent packaging and packaging which establishes a connection with the consumer, there is an increasing importance of sustainability and environmentally friendly products. In the food and beverage packaging sector, compliance with safety standards will continue to play a major role as consumer awareness continues to grow. For the graphic arts industry, digitization means a profound structural change that encompasses all aspects of printing: Machines, manufacturing, processing and ordering procedures, consumables or business models - in all areas where printed products are used. Moreover, packaging aesthetics will always be important, including the high quality finishing of folding boxes, flexible packages and labels in order to communicate brand identity.

ACTEGA Metal Print presents the current state of development of ECOLEAF, a technology that has been in the industrialization process at ACTEGA since 2017 and that will be commercially available as of drupa 2020. ECOLEAF enables metallization without foil, thus improving the sustainability of the associated processes. “ECOLEAF represents a new category of metallization for decorative printing”, explains Dario Urbinati, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at ACTEGA Metal Print. “It creates unique metallic effects allowing as well tactile metallization on filmic substrates.”

Furthermore, ACTEGA introduces a new, sustainable product portfolio of waterbased overprint varnishes for the use on folded boxes and labels. All products are based partially on renewable and recycled raw materials and can have a sustainability of more than 60% depending on functionality and desired properties. The customer can choose from a range of gloss and matt coatings. ACTEGA brands, such as FoodSafe and FoodClass®, will even more focus on the sustainability efforts implementing the Cradle-to-Cradle principles in their single product certifications.

MiraFoil® brand liquid coatings are an environmentally sustainable alternative to foil board laminating and hot foil stamping equally brilliant to foil. Products are overprintable and perfect for premium folded boxes, labels and other printing applications.

Water-based heat-seal lacquers for plastic and aluminum substrates have expanded the ACTEseal® portfolio. By avoiding mineral oil-based solvents, these heat-seal lacquers contribute to reduce the carbon footprint effectively. The new ACTEcoat® water-based protection coatings achieve the same impact. Both product lines are applicable to lids and wrappers for food, pet food and pharma packaging.

Furthermore, ACTEGA will present new heat-sealable extrusion granulates which are especially developed to provide a proper sealing to uneven surfaces and improved filling good resistance when needed. This development represents simultaneously ACTEGA’s contribution to solvent-free sealing solutions.

To meet the expanding demand of sustainable packages, ACTEGA continually develops its ACTEbond® bio-based adhesives, which enable our customers to produce sustainable laminates for flexible packaging.

In addition to sustainable product solutions, ACTEGA will realize the following goals as part of the ALTANA Group's sustainability agenda:

  • By 2025 the specialty chemicals group will reduce its CO2 impact from production and energy procurement to zero worldwide
  • Complete conversion to green electricity already in 2020
  • Call for significant strengthening of renewable energies​​​​​​​

ACTEGA will be happy to answer questions on this topic at the Interpack 2020.

New product solutions for food packaging and labels
ACTEGA will introduce a comprehensive range of coating solutions for the use on food packaging and labels. New are MiraMetal® UV silver and gold coatings as well as oil-based metallic printing inks. These products are available in a wide range of gold and silver nuances, including solutions for the indirect food contact. MiraMetal® offers high metallic brilliance and helps to enhance the brand image. Especially developed for the indirect food contact is a selection of water-based primers for the UV inline coating. All primers show a very low draw back effect and convince by optimal adhesion even on critical inks or with high ink coverage. A new water-based matt coating for the indirect food contact creates a particular velvety feel.

New product solutions for digital printing
Apart from products that are applied analogously as overprint varnishes on digital prints (e.g. in flexo) or used as a primer in flexo, there are also products that can be processed using inkjet technology. ACTEGA develops water-based primers, inks and overprint varnishes for the substrates used in the packaging industry from paper and cardboard to packaging and label films. The focus here is on the harmonization of the above-mentioned products with each other in order to offer customers a complete package consisting of primer, ink and - if needed - overprint varnishes that perfectly meets customer requirements.


ACTEGA is a division of the internationally operating specialty chemicals group ALTANA and develops and produces coatings, sealants, printing inks and adhesives for flexible and rigid packaging as well as the graphic arts industry. These products do not only provide materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics or metal with an attractive surface, but also with functional properties such as chemical and physical resistance.

ACTEGA' s main customer for theproducts developed, produced and marketed is the packaging industry. ACTEGA is a market leader in overprint varnishes and a technology leader in high growth coatings for flexible packaging. ACTEGA's products do not only contribute to an attractive appearance of the packaging, but also to a longer freshness of the filling good.

ACTEGA is already one of the world's leading suppliers of sealing compounds for closures and glass containers; ACTEGA is also the technological leader when it comes to water-based sealants for cans. With these products, the contact surfaces between e.g. glass/metal (bottle caps) or metal/metal (can lids) are sealed. They ensure that the filling good and other substances such as CO2 remain inside the packaging while “locking out” all contaminants.

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