The ultimate barrier Liner

By design the OXYLON®  product range provides a physical barrier and thus guarantees the ultimate taste protection of various beverages. Controlled oxygen intake as well as efficient barriers against Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) like Trichloranisol will prevent any sensorial deviation; and thus ensure a constant taste of beverages throughout their shelf life.


  • PVC-free barrier compound
  • World standard barrier compound for beer and fruit juices
  • Ingress as low as 0,2 mg oxygen per bottle after 180 days of storage
  • Significant extension of shelf life, plus preventing a colour change of fruit juices
  • Very good sealing on non-returnable glass bottles


  • PVC-free barrier compound
  • This product belongs to the Peak-Free®  Technology (PFT) range of compounds and is especially engineered for usage with highly sensitive filling goods
  • It shows excellent results during bottle maturation of Champagne and sparkling wine and on mineral water for export markets (VOC protection)
  • Compound is suitable to replace PE- and cork discs, used in the ripening process of Champagne

OXYLON®  940

  • PVC-free barrier compound
  • Because of it's softness suitable for returnable and non-returnable bottles, with good barrier properties

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