UV curable water-based coatings

TerraCross® successfully combines two technologies. With this line it has become possible to link the strengths of water-based and UV coatings. With regard to their basis, TerraCross® products are comparable to traditional water-based coatings. However, their full property profile is developed during UV radiation.

TerraCross® represents an innovative technology for the graphic arts industry. Coatings are used where traditional water-based matt coatings and UV varnishes reach their limits.



TerraCross® combines the high mechanical resistance of UV coatings with the flexibility of water-based coatings. More advantages result from the corresponding application; for example excellent scratch and scuff resistance, very high water scuff resistance, low tendency to polishing up, a high heat resistance as well as a very high transparency and a perfect tactile effect. TerraCross® is applied out of the water coating unit of the printing press.

At a first glance, water-based and UV coatings do not fit as they represent different technologies. For TerraCross this does not matter.

FRANK KAMPHUIS Head of Research & Development

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