TerraGreen® Coatings

Sustainable varnishing

Unlike traditional water-based coatings based on petroleum derivatives, TerraGreen® relies on renewable resources in the form of vegetable resins. TerraGreen® meets all requirements that are made on a sustainable and environmentally friendly coating system. TerraGreen® was honored with the Innovation Award of the German Printing Industry 2008.

Resins used for TerraGreen® are neither foodstuffs nor substances from the food chain.
TerraGreen® has no negative impact on existing eco systems.



TerraGreen® is a coating series developed for the coating unit in sheet-fed offset. Like traditional water-based coatings, these coatings dry by means of hot air and infrared. Thanks to stable running characteristics on the printing press, no adaptations to current machines are necessary. At ACTEGA, we offer you a gloss, a semi-matt and a matt coating. Go green!

Be a technology driver and contribute to environmental protection.

DR. HANS-MICHAEL LENZ Head of QC, Environment and Product Safety

Environmental protection has long ceased to be a niche issue. The awareness for environmentally friendly printed products is increasing.

Some TerraGreen® key facts:
  • The core functions, such as scuff and scratch resistance, block resistance, wet block resistance and gloss, are comparable to classical water-based coatings.
  • In liquid condition, the coating provides a natural odor of wood. In dry condition on the printed product, the coating is odor-neutral. 
  • On substrates with a high whiteness, the coating film may show a light yellowing.


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