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Pressure Sensitive Labels:​
LED-UV Release Coating​

Also in LED-UV technology, overprint varnishes provide valuable functions. Thanks to its convincing release properties, this coating enables the upper layer of the label to be easily separated from the lower one. At the same time, the coating creates a glossy surface. For compelling and functional print results.​

Products and their regional availability at a glance:​

  • TerraGloss UV Special Varnish G 38/527 NVK Release ​
    Find more product details here.​
  • TerraGloss UV Gloss Varnish G 38/525 VK  ​
    Find more product details here.

  • Please see products from USA and Europe/Asia.


  • PRESS: Mark Andy P5 ​
  • SUBSTRATE: Polypropylene white​
  • INKS: LED inks (4C)​
  • COATING(S): TerraGloss UV Special Varnish G 38/527 NVK Release, TerraGloss UV Gloss Varnish G 38/525 VK (Topcoat)​
  • ANILOX ROLLER: Release = 11 cm3/m2, UV Gloss= 8 cm3/m2​

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