ACTEGA Metal Print: Q3/2019

First Labelexpo, Then on to Drupa 2020!

By Jan Franz Allerkamp

Our years of hard work are paying off and we’re getting ready to share with you the results at Labelexpo in Brussels this month. Through our engagements with label converters we’ve learned about the challenges this industry is facing and we have a much better understanding of how ECOLEAF can solve many of the current pain points with metallic embellishments.

We designed ECOLEAF to be flexible and its support for trigger images created with a variety of technologies is proving to have big dividends. Each printing method adds its own unique “benefits” to ECOLEAF’s metallization. The high precision of flexo-printed trigger images and ECOLEAF’s precise application of metallic pigments creates embellishments with extraordinary resolution and the finest of details. When using digital technology for the trigger image, ECOLEAF can create seamless metallization since there are no plate gaps. Rotary and flat bed screen-printed trigger images enable you to use ECOLEAF to create fantastic tactile metallic effects alleviating the need for embossing.

But there is a big surprise that we’re especially proud of: by colorizing any conventionally-printed trigger image, you can create a rainbow of metallic embellishments that were previously impossible to create.

We hope to see you in just three weeks at Labelexpo. In addition to experiencing our amazing samples, you will also be able to learn about our exclusive Q1/2020 beta program. Open to only a limited number  of label converters, the beta program will enable you to get a head start in creating a truly unique offering for your customers: sustainable metallization with ECOLEAF.

We’ll be located on the ACTEGA Booth, Stand 7 in Hall A37. If you are interested in scheduling a business meeting or learning more about our beta progam, please contact

Happy to see you at the LabelExpo in Brussels! Stand 7A37