ACTEGA at Two-Piece Can Innovation Technology Seminar at Wuhan, China

“Can end and life” – The Technology Conference on two-piece can manufacturing and application innovation was held in Wuhan, Hubei on May 22 to 24, 2019. The seminar focus was on the technological progress and product innovation of two-piece cans from the manufacturing to the application, with aim to conduct in-depth discussions on hot topics in the industry, around the industry of “intellectual creation, sustainability, collaboration, innovation”.

Taken the important participation of wide audience of Chinese can and end-makers, and downstream brand users, two of the ACTEGA companies, ACTEGA Artística and ACTEGA Foshan attended and actively shared the perspective on future of water-based sealants for can ends.

Dr. Teresa Ramos, the managing director of ACTEGA Artística was one of the speakers, sharing the focus on Consumer Friendly Sealants and the ACTEGA Artística road towards sustainability. Bearing in mind the increasing importance of sustainability in metal packaging and growing global markets on which can ends move, ACTEGA explained the commitment to low-carbon footprint sealants, based on renewable raw materials and their efficient production and application, but also pointed out the need of global product certification.

Thanks to the positive development of water-based sealant business in China, ACTEGA is going to invest in additional production facilities at ACTEGA Foshan, and thus offer a necessary flexibility to the Chinese end-makers.

ACTEGA offers globally certified water-based sealants for 2-piece and 3-piece cans.
Picture from left to right: Kevin Wu, Segment manager Rigid and Flexible Packaging, Dr. Teresa Ramos, Managing Director ACTEGA Artística, Linda Bi, Segment Manager Closures, Richard To, Managing Director ACTEGA Foshan