Application instructions for print varnishes

Our products are designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Optimum results directly depend on optimum usage. To obtain those optimum results when using our products, we recommend that you strictly comply with our detailed usage instructions.

  • Before the aqueous printing varnish comes into contact with the ink rollers, they must be sprayed with TERRAADD Retarder G 12/111.
  • While coating, press off the TERRAPRINT varnish by a doctor blade or a similar equipment from areas where no coating is taken off by the sheet. These areas must be kept wet with retarder, applied by spraying, dropping or with a soaked sponge.
  • When starting the machine, turn on the ink unit with the coating so early that there is already a coating film of normal thickness on the plate before the first sheet comes. The same procedure after a stop.
  • At each machine stop blanket and plate have to be cleaned with a water/retarder mixture of 1:1; afterwards spray some retarder on rolls/plate/blanket.
  • Cleaning of the rolls shall be done only with retarder. Dried films have to be removed with TERRAWET CLEAN Cleaning Agent 12/180 or TERRAWET CLEAN Cleaning Paste G 12/133.
  • TERRAPRINT matt varnishes tend more for building up a half dried film on the rolls than glossy types, especially when coating on matt papers.An addition of 1 - 3 % of TERRAADD Retarder G 12/111 or an 10 % addition of a glossy TERRAPRINT varnish can improve the work.
  • TERRAPRINT varnishes cannot be spot coated by the use of the damper. In case of a partial coating you have to work with a plate cylinder with a stripped blanket or a letterset plate.

In case of any questions please contact Research & Development.