Notes on UV coatings

1. Endangering
  • UV coatings can cause skin and eye irritation by inexpert treatment!
  • A longer and repeated contact can cause a hypersensitivity (allergies).
  • A great part of the UV coatings is environmental hazardous!
2. Protective measures and first aid
  • Please wear protective gloves and googles!
  • Before start working please use protective skin cream!
  • Please avoid skin and eye contact with UV coatings, aids and special detergents!
  • Dirty and soaked clothes must be taken off immediately!
  • The parts of skin which had contact to one of the a. m. substances must be cleansed immediately with a lot of water and soap. Please use NO solvent-based substances. After the cleansing please use a protective skin cream.
  • In case of a continuous skin irritation please contact a doctor.
  • In case of eye contact please cleanse immediately with a lot of water and contact the eye specialist!
  • Protective measures at the printing machine and UV dryers are necessary to avoid an outcoming of the UV rays. During the drying process the waste air must be sucked off by suitabe equipment.
  • Please pay attention to the safety regulations of the machine and device producers as well as to the safety advices and material safety data sheets of the used varnishes and inks.
3. Use and storage
  • UV coatings must be stired well before use!
  • UV coatings must not pollute -> separate pump system!
  • UV cured varnish systems must be stored cool, dry and under exclusion of light!
  • Coating systems should be cleaned with TERRAGLOSS CLEAN Cleaning Agent G 13/160 and rinsed with hot water.
4. Disposal
  • Cloth and protective clothing which had contact to one of the a. m. substances must be collected in suitable and signed containers to avoid contact. Dirty protective clothing must be disposed separately and not in the normal refuse/rubbish (ASN 150202)!
  • It is not allowed to give UV coatings to the underground water, sewage system or earth
  • UV coatings are water dangerous substances.
  • Remainders of UV coatings and cleaning liquids must be disposed as hazardous waste. Please contact your waste disposal company.

Further information can be taken from the brochure "UV Trocknung" of BG Druck und Papierverarbeitung (UV curing - BG print and paper treatment)
[only available in German]