Coffee capsules continue to gain ground

Since they came onto the market over 40 years ago, the trend towards coffee capsules has been unbroken. The coffee capsule serves the convenience idea and impresses with its portionability according to need. An advantage that is particularly beneficial in smaller households. Another trend that can be observed is that aluminum coffee capsules are replacing plastic capsules. This is not only due to the change in regulations for plastic packaging, but also due to aroma protection.

Aluminum offers excellent barrier properties and ensures that the full aroma of the coffee is retained.

Here you can find our product solutions for your coffee capsules.


ACTEcoat® for coffee capsules

Manufacturing products that are approved for food safety while encompassing a wide variety of colors is one of our greatest strengths and competitive advantages.

For the external use ACTEGA offers:
- Primers
- Basecoats
- Print Lacquers
- Overprint Varnishes

Heat-sealing lacquers for the internal coating and laminating adhesives complete our product portfolio for coffee capsules.

Coatings for coffee capsules must fulfill numerous functions. We have decades of experience in the development and production of coatings and adhesives for coffee capsules, which all meet the important requirements:
- Deep-drawability
- Heat resistance
- High scratch resistance
- Compliant with worldwide food contact legislations 
- Protection of aluminum

Individual designs due to a great variety of color tones

We are able to develop and produce almost any color shade exactly according to the customer's color template (PMS, RAL, NCS). This also includes the individual elaboration of so-called "trend colors". Color shade elaborations are possible through a color exploration together with customers in our laboratories.

For the protection of people and nature

ACTEGA has decades of experience in the development and manufacture of product solutions that meet the highest requirements for direct food contact. The materials used in our coatings are tested according to all applicable positive lists and regulations worldwide. For new coating developments, tests are supplemented by an external assessment.

Our coatings are also suitable for special recycled aluminum alloys.

With great colorimetric expertise and passion, ACTEGA develops exact colors according to design templates - especially when it comes to direct food contact.

STEFAN BRANDHOFF Head of Sales Flexible Packaging EMEA

Recycling of aluminum

Aluminum is a circular material, capable of being recycled multiple times without losing its original properties.
In Europe, the recycling rate for aluminum is partly over 90%. Today, more aluminum is recovered from the cycle than from the primary sector.
Recycling aluminum requires only 5% of the energy needed to produce primary aluminum, resulting in significant CO2 savings. In addition, recycling reduces emissions.

This optimizes the life cycle assessment of aluminum products in terms of energy and water consumption, raw material consumption, emissions, waste generation and disposal.

We are looking forward to discussing your individual requirements with you.