Innovative coatings for packaging

A next generation of barrier coatings is enabled by the novel aqueous thermoplastic elastomer dispersions of the YUNICO® technology, subject to patent protection. YUNICO® makes it possible to combine various specific features in a single dispersion. This includes barrier properties and heat sealability, tactile effects as well as recyclability. TPE dispersions by YUNICO® technology offer a wide range of coating solutions for packaging materials and different substrates. Moreover, they are used as binding systems in the paper production. 

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Meeting your requirements

In order to find a suitable coating for your corresponding product, ACTEGA works closely with customers. Barrier effects in particular depend heavily on the substrate used, the coating and drying conditions as well as the subsequent further processing. Accordingly, individualized tests adapted to the customer are carried out in order to be able to offer the best solution in the end. 

TPE dispersions by YUNICO® technology

TPE dispersions by YUNICO® technology offer a wide range of coating solutions for packaging materials and substrates. YUNICO® makes it possible to combine various specific features in a single dispersion. In this way, the greatest possible customer benefit is offered through individualized application solutions.

Exclusively water-based, these dispersions are free of emulsifiers and solvents. This is an important aspect for the protection of employees and consumers, as nothing can be released into the air or migrate into the filling good. Furthermore, our dispersions meet all requirements associated with the direct contact to foodstuffs and have the corresponding FDA/EU approval.

A high degree of flexibility

TPE dispersions by YUNICO® technology are characterized by the fact that their properties can be variably adjusted by compounding the TPE components. This permits a high degree of flexibility.

Heat sealability: In high and low temperature ranges which means mechanical properties are decisively improved.

Barrier properties: For example, against water, water vapor, oil or fat. Thus, they are suitable for food packaging such as dry food (flour, sugar), but also for frozen food packaging, pet food, biscuit and meat packaging or pizza boxes. The barrier protects the product from external influences over the entire shelf life and serves to maintain quality. It is also important as protection against the migration of hazardous substances such as mineral oil or other contaminants into the filling good.

Tactile effects: From smooth and soft to silky and rough – anything is possible.

Recyclability: This has been confirmed in the PTS test which was conducted in accordance with PTS-RH: 021/97 ‘Indication of recyclability of packaging made of paper, cardboard and paperboard as well as graphic print products’, the following criteria are applied: defibration, separation of existing impurities by means of sorting, potential for sticky formation (easy sheet formation), properties of the recycled fiber in terms of optical inhomogeneities.

TPE dispersions by YUNICO® technology  offer a wide range of coating solutions for packaging materials and different substrates (paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic), which complete the ACTGreen® product family. They are also used as binding systems in paper production. 

Download our PDF brochure on the YUNICO® Technology and learn about the advantages, features and application areas of TPE dispersions.