ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants


The PVC- and plasticizer-free sealant PROVALIN® for all metal closures types conforms to current FDA and EU legislations and thanks to new revolutionized migration standards, for food safety and consumer protection.

Metal closures lined with this compound ensure clean storage of food and makes the already unquestionable glass containers safer because interactions between the packaging and the contents do not take place. PROVALIN® is not only the answer to the 4th amendment of the plastics directive 2007/19/EC which came into effect in April 2009, but also corresponds to the specifications and wishes of the food industry.


  • Is suitable for high oil and fatty products
  • Capable of withstanding the hot fill and pasteurization process
  • Does not contain any plasticizers. The migration potential compared to PVC compounds is reduced by a hundredfold
  • Use: Twist-off®-closures


  • Is a soft and elastic sealant suitable for all types of foodstuffs including low-fat and is resistant to the sterilization process 
  • Use: Twist-off®- and P/T closures


  • Meets the requirements of metal plastic composite closures (Bandguard®)
  • Processable by injection moulding 


  • Is the solution for all filling goods, temperature requirements, and closure types
  • It also does not contain plasticizer and offers an extremely low-migration performance