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ProvaMed PVC

Special PVC granules, developed for the manufacture of med-tech products. Whether it’s for extrusion of tubes or injection molding of small components, we provide the appropriate granulate material for your application.

Soft PVC

Specific compounding of polyvinyl chloride, various plasticizers, stabilizers, and additives yields soft PVCs with outstanding optical and mechanical properties. PVC still provides a unique combination of properties with attractive commercial aspects. This qualifies PVC, first and foremost, for the manufacture of sensitive articles which, despite the great demands made on product quality and purity, can be produced in large quantities and under conditions of price sensitivity.

A selection of our PVC Compounds

Shore A

Tensile Strength



ProvaMed PVC 3264648,011,71,3DOPTransparent
ProvaMed PVC 3554545,49,31,2DOPTransparent
ProvaMed PVC 537778tbdtbdtbdDOPTransparent
ProvaMed PVC 566767tbdtbdtbdDOPTransparent
ProvaMed PVC 22787838,510,51,19TOTMBlueish
ProvaMed PVC 324090105,017,01,20TOTMBlueish

*Our PVC granules are available in almost any color. Why not discuss your requirements with us?

ProvaMed PVC describes a range of products tailored to the needs of the med-tech & pharmaceuticals industries, which takes into account the particular demands made on constituents, reproducibility of formula, and production hygiene. In response to the growing debate surrounding phthalate-based plasticizers, ACTEGA supplies phthalate-free formulations. Here, alternative plasticizers such as trimellitate, adipate, or other phthalate-free substances are used.

The table above represents a selection from our product range of soft PVCs. It goes without saying that we are happy to make any modifications or supply a custom-made new granule in line with you requirements. Just get in touch!

We would also be only too pleased to discuss special requirements with you, such as the confirmed absence of specific constituents (bisphenol A, heavy metals, phthalates, bovines), or demands for biocompatibility (ISO 10993, USP VI).