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ProvaMed TPE and ProvaMed TPV

These are the names that identify our portfolio of thermoplastic elastomers and vulcanizates, which have a variety of possible applications and flexible properties. You can find out more about the advantages of thermoplastic elastomers and vulcanizates on the following pages.

What are TPEs?

The material class of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) is characterized, on the one hand, by the classic properties of an elastomer (elasticity, high thermal and chemical resistance, etc.) and the ease of processing of a thermoplastic, on the other. Elastomeric materials, such as crosslinked EPDM or natural rubber, cannot be melted by the addition of heat and are therefore very costly to process. Thermoplastic elastomers can be melted because they are not crosslinked chemically (but, instead, physically) and thus brought into the desired shape when heat is applied.

A selection of our TPE and TPV granules

Shore A



ProvaMed® TPE 1120200,41,312Transparent
ProvaMed® TPE 1140401,13,711Transparent
ProvaMed® TPE 1160642,36,811Transparent
ProvaMed® TPE 1158602,05,435White
ProvaMed® TPE 1180804,09,017Transparent
ProvaMed® TPE 1060601,69,05Transparent
ProvaMed® TPE 1070702,410,37Transparent
ProvaMed® TPE 1080803,811,04Transparent

*Our plastics can be dyed practically any color due to the addition of color masterbatches. Just let us know what you need!

Thermoplastic elastomers combine the properties of both families of compounds. The physical crosslinking of the synthetic polymer chains means that an elastomer-like property profile is created. As these crosslinks are reversible, however, they can be reformed by heat, thereby enabling the plastic to be melted.

The chart above offers an insight into the variety of the thermoplastic elastomers available. The property profile can be flexibly formulated within a broad frame; so, should you be looking for a plastic with special mechanical properties, just get in touch with us.


The ProvaMed product range meets the highest standards of purity, cleanliness, and hygiene. Thanks to our many years of experience with producing plastic granules for exacting and regulated fields of application, we are able to provide premium plastics of excellent quality.

Materials are used to produce the ProvaMed granules that comply with the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia or have been examined according to generally accepted standards for their biocompatibility. We confirm that our plastics are suitable for sensitive applications on the basis of a conclusive study in accordance with ISO 10993 and USP Class VI. We would be happy to supply you with the relevant documentation.