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    WESSCO® POLAR 29.499.83

    UV silvercoating with a good metallic brilliance (Economy).
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    TERRAEFFEKT Gold Coating G 17/730 RBG-035

    Water based gold coating, the colour shade is rich pale gold, standard (approx. Pantone 872 C).
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    High gloss

    TERRAGLOSS UV Gloss Varnish G 8/347 Release-060

    high surface smoothness, low tendency to penetration, with release-effect
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    TERRAWET Skin Coating G 9/848-020

    Water based coating for the sealing board against PP, PVC and Surlyn films (ionomer PE) in the skinprocedure.
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    ACTGreen Silk Matt Coating AQ140100-045

    based on renewable resources, semi-matt
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    Drip off primer

    TERRAEFFEKT UV Drip Off Primer 1235

    for the realization of drip off effects
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    TERRASCREEN UV Matt Varnish G 22/604 VK

    low tendency to penetration, less surface structure, for screen printing
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    TERRAWET Blister Coating G 9/415-045

    for the indirect food contact, heat sealing against PET-A/G, PVC and board
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    TERRAWET Antislip Coating G 9/240 VG-040

    glossy, antislip effect
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    TERRAWET Barrier Coating G 9/523-050

    barrier against alcohol and alkali, very high wet block resistance, good runability
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