WESSCO® LM 2821 Raised Coating Gloss

UV high-gloss coating for finishing of printed products. Tactile coating with high viscosity For Flexo unit

  • Coatings
  • UV curing

Product Details


  • Flexible Packaging
  • Labels

Application method recommendation

  • Stir well before use !
  • The property profile of the coating film is given in case of a complete curing. The curing depends on the efficiency of lamps, life of UV lamps, machinery speed, general conditions of the UV unit (reflectors, etc.), temperature and the distance from the UV unit to the substrate. We recommend to clean regularly the reflectors and - if necessary - to change the lamps in case of a drop in lamp efficiency.
  • UV: The property profile of the coating film is given in case of a complete curing.
  • A strong absorption on absorbent surfaces can cause an insufficient curing of the UV varnish, sensory problems, mechanical influence as well as rub resistance problems and poor slip properties.
  • The printing inks should be suitable for coating. The resistance against alkali, alcohol and solvents should be given in accordance to DIN ISO 2836, former DIN 16524, to exclude any colour change.
  • The total structure of substrate/printing ink/varnish must be cured sufficiently before processing and should be checked during the process.
  • Do not pollute the varnish with washing water or other varnishes.
  • The increase of the slip angle can't be excluded in case of temperature and humidity. Storage tests are necessary.

Product end use

  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • Shrink Sleeves


  • transparent

Substrate recommendation

  • various films and paper


Product specifications are contained in the technical data sheet. Depending on the product, you can download this from the ACTEGA website or request it using the contact form. For more details, please refer to our product disclaimer here .


Technical Datasheet