Coatings for Beer and Beverage Cans

Specialized coatings for cans​

ACTEGA offers a select range of premium coatings that enhance the visual appearance of cans and ends and also provide greater protection.

The ACTEcoat® portfolio of colors for aluminum can ends and tab stock encompasses a wide range of colored coatings suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, as they are PFAS-free and BPA-NI by design. As color-matching experts, we at ACTEGA are well equipped to provide agile, efficient color-matching services.

Regulatory affairs and sustainability are always at the top of our innovation agenda. UV rim coatings and topcoats - mainly for can ends - are also clear examples of our future-proof coating solutions.

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Find the right solution for you​

Our portfolio includes melamine-free, PFAS-free, and BPA-NI products for every coating application. Our end stock range boasts an impressive spectrum of color coatings and topcoats that lend can ends a striking look and feel. And when it comes to tab stock, we can deliver a brilliant rainbow of colors. Even can rims can be coated to protect the material and provide that visual wow factor.