September 28, 2021

ACTEGA Announces Management Appointments to Support Business Growth and Drive Product Innovation

  • Jan Franz Allerkamp to lead ACTEGA’s Paper and Board Business Line
  • Stephan Plenz appointed as interim General Manager of ACTEGA Metal Print

AUGUST 09, 2021

Half-year results: ALTANA posts double-digit growth

  • Sales 24 percent above previous year’s level
  • EBITDA margin 21 percent in the first half year
  • Further milestones achieved in innovation and climate protection
  • Forecast for the full year raised

29 de Junho, 2021

ACTEGA apresenta revestimentos cromados sustentáveis que geram resultados fantásticos

  • Cinco revestimentos cromados UV WESSCO® POLAR oferecem uma variedade de benefícios de sustentabilidade e qualidade premium

JUNE 15, 2021

ACTEGA Launches Signite to Transform the ‘No Label Look’ Market and Provide a Zero Waste Future

  • Contract Decorators to benefit immediately from an 50% reduction in label waste
  • Revolutionary technology to unlock a profitable and sustainable label future

May 10, 2021

ALTANA Acquires Closure Materials Business from Henkel

  • Acquisition of technologies and customer relationships
  • Integration into ACTEGA division
  • In particular, expansion of PVC-free solutions

MARCH 29, 2021

​​​​​​​ACTEGA Launches World’s First Dual Cure Soft Touch Coating for Laminate Tubes

  • New profit driving solution for manufacturers of laminate and extruded tubes
  • ​​​​​​​Previous issues of abrasion and staining solved by new ACTEGA coating

March 19, 2021

2020 Results: ALTANA’s sales down only slightly, EBITDA exceeds previous year’s level

  • Sales of 2,178 million euros, 3 percent below the previous year’s level
  • ACTEGA division grows by 9 percent
  • EBITDA increases by 2 percent to 426 million euros
  • Research and development spending remains at a high level
  • CO2 footprint reduced by 50 percent
  • Forecast for 2021: growth in the course of economic recovery

February 15, 2021

New Gold level Material Health Certificate for ACTEGA FoodSafe Coatings Presents a Golden Opportunity for Safe, Sustainable Packaging Production

ACTEGA FoodSafe product range awarded Gold level Material Health Certificate by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.​​​​​​​

25 de janeiro de 2021

A ACTEGA assume a liderança na segurança alimentar com a remoção do bisfenol A e epóxi silano dos adesivos laminados ACTEbond®​​​​​​​

  • ​​​​​​​​Nova capacidade para oferecer aos clientes ACTEbond® vantagem competitiva valiosa para produção de embalagens flexíveis “stand-up pouches”, livres de produtos químicos potencialmente perigosos