Blister Coatings

Top sealing properties for your blister packaging

Blister coatings with excellent sealing properties are key to a perfectly working sealing process. The reason: Blister packaging consists of the printed and coated blister card and a hood, often made of plastics. A sealing process with pressure and heat or ultrasound is used to connect these two elements. The coating film and the blister hood soften, melt and form a bond. 

TerraWet® blister coatings are highly specialized products that proved to be leading in the market. 



TerraWet® blister coatings are used where blister packaging should enable the buyer to see the packaged goods. Depending on the application, a suitable blister coating must be selected. Typical filling goods of blister packaging are products of daily use (e.g. batteries), electronics or accessories as well as hygienic sensitive items (e.g. pacifiers, toothbrush). We are happy to advise you.

Our blister coatings are available for a great variety of applications. Please contact us for your coating recommendation.

MICHAEL JOCHIM Head of Technical Services

For the processing of TerraWet® blister coatings, please consider:

• All materials selected for the printing and coating process must be suitable for blistering.
• For the rearside printing, we recommend to use a heat resistant coating as protection against hot sealing tools.
• All blister conditions must be set carefully.
• Please contact us for detailed application instructions.

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