For an immediate impact at the Point of Sale


MotionCoat® is the transformational UV coating system enhancement that will add motion-like effects to your project. This patented technology has unique self-registration characteristics that when used in conjunction with linear vector patterns creates an outstanding effect that will have an immediate impact on the consumer. MotionCoat® delivers outstanding matt and gloss combinations with a very high edge definition.

MotionCoat® is a REVOLUTIONARY 2-step patented UV curable technology. The primer is applied out of the ink duct, the gloss coating out of the coating unit.



 An integral component to producing the MotionCoat® effect is the image or vector file. ACTEGA will provide 4 sample files to your graphic or pre-press personnel. More patterns can be purchased if required. For information on obtaining or creating additional files please contact us at ACTEGA. MotionCoat® is best to be used over dark colors for optimum effect creation. Just ask for our Technical Bulletin to receive valuable application instructions.

Whether you are printing folded boxes, labels or commercials, with MotionCoat® you are able to stand out from competition.

JAN FRANZ ALLERKAMP Head of Business Line Paper & Board

MotionCoat® fulfills special effect enhancement needs. 

  • Enables motion-like effects
  • Achieves excellent matt and gloss contrasts
  • Provides a high edge definition
  • Is printed inline with just one coating unit
  • Allows the realization of numerous artwork patterns
  • Creates instant shelf impact 
  • Offers printers the possibility to “set apart from the crowd”


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