High quality coatings for unique products

ACTEcoat® is our portfolio of baking enamels (basecoat, topcoat) and primers made from high-quality raw materials for flexible packaging, metal packaging and closures. The development and manufacture of these products is one of our greatest strengths and competitive advantages. ACTEcoat® is characterized by a:

  • High level of product safety (especially for food and pharma applications)
  • Great variety of color tones for individual packaging solutions

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Two reasons to choose ACTEcoat®: Food safety meets the perfect color match.

Safety for consumers and the environment is our priority

Every raw material used in our ACTEcoat® portfolio has been tested for safety according to all applicable positive lists and guidelines worldwide. For new coating developments, these tests are supplemented by an external assessment to ensure that they are suitable for highly regulated markets such as food and pharmaceuticals.

Colors are our passion

In addition to a protective function, packaging must also fulfill various design aspects. Brand owners use the power of colors and design to consistently implement their brand strategy. ACTEGA develops almost any color shade exactly according to the customer's color template.


Flexible Packaging
Beverage Portion Packs
Human- and Pet Food Containers
Sachets, Pouches and Bags
Wrappers and Innerliner
Metal Packaging
Food and Beverage Cans and Ends
Monoblocs, Tubes and Bottles
Aluminum Closures
Aluminum Long Caps
Crown Corks
Metal Vacuum Closures
Tin-free steel
Plastic film

This is a selection of high quality ACTEcoat® solutions for your unique products

ACTEcoat® for premium can ends

With ACTEcoat® you can provide extra-value to your can ends by means of a broad portfolio of standard and tailor-made color coatings with or without metallic effects. Make your can stand-out on the shelf thanks to its attractive color top.


ACTEcoat® for outstanding coffee capsules

Take advantage of our high-quality ACTEcoat® product solutions. They meet the exact color specifications requested by brand owners and fulfil the highest requirements for direct food contact.


ACTEcoat® Effect coatings for flexible packaging

In addition to high-quality baking enamels and primers, ACTEcoat® portfolio also offers a great variety of effect coatings for flexible paper and plastic as well as for aluminum foil.


ACTEcoat® - Discover the suitable solution for your individual requirements.


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