A sustainable alternative to foil

Discover the revolutionary approach and appeal of MiraFoil coatings, the sustainable alternative to foil that enhances the brilliance of your printed surfaces – making them look better for less. MiraFoil brand liquid coatings are an environmentally sustainable alternative to foil board laminating and hot foil stamping equally brilliant to foil.

Discover our premium UV silver, also available for the indirect food contact.


MiraFoil UV metallic coatings are overprintable and perfect for premium folded boxes, labels and other printing applications.

Timo Kondziela Head of Marketing

How MiraFoil® works

  • Metallic printing inks and varnishes contain metall pigments.
  • While silver is enriched with aluminum, gold sparkles through a brass mixture.
  • Metall pigments reflect the light like a mirror.
  • The result is a high metallic brilliance.

Also have a look at MiraMetal, our brand für UV silver and gold coatings as well as for oil-based metallic inks.


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