ACTEGA Terra announces price increase for overprint varnishes

Lehrte, 30th of March 2017

ACTEGA Terra, producer of overprint varnishes for packaging, labels and commercial prints, announces the adjustment of selling prices up to 10% in April 2017. The reason for this decision are strongly increasing raw material costs that currently make the whole coating, ink and printing industry suffer.

"Relevant raw material prices have already increased at the world market during the past few months, but now we face an even worse situation”, explains Dr. Wolfgang Josten, Managing Director at ACTEGA Terra. “Especially the level of increase is surprising. Currently we cannot expect a normalization of prices.”

Despite ongoing and intensive measures in order to optimize costs, there seems no possibility to shoulder those rapidly rising raw material prices without own price increases. Thus, under consideration of the respective product portfolio, all necessary steps should be defined near-term and individually with the customer.

About ACTEGA Terra

The ACTEGA Terra GmbH, headquartered in Lehrte, Germany, is a European market leader in the field of overprint varnishes. As specialist for waterbased coatings, UV coatings and effect coatings as well as for coatings based on renewable resources, ACTEGA Terra develops and produces a comprehensive range of products for packaging, labels and commercial prints. Among others, the company offers coatings for board, paper and foil that are used in offset, gravure, screen and flexo printing.

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