LiquiShield® Aqueous Barrier Coatings

LiquiShield® Series Barrier Coatings for Food Packaging

LiquiShield® barrier coatings enable the ability to de-ink and repulp making the package recyclable and creating a more sustainable folding carton solution than wax or polyethylene options.

End use applications for LiquiShield® coatings include quick serve take out boxes, refrigerated and frozen food containers, dry food boxes and industrial non-food cartons.


LiquiShield® AQ9000 Series

  • Gloss and Matte Coatings with Balanced Grease and Water Resistance

LiquiShield® AQ9100 Series

  • Gloss and Matte Coatings with Excellent Water Resistance

LiquiShield® AQ9200 Series 

  • Matte Coatings with Excellent Grease and Oil Resistance

LiquiShield® AQ9300 Series

  • High and Low Viscosity Matte Primers with Hold Out on Porous Substrates

LiquiShield® AQ9400 Series

  • Moisture Vapor Resistance Series Matte Coatings
  • MVTR <300 gsm per day
  • COBB <2 gsm

LiquiShield® AQ9500 Series

  • Industrial Series Gloss Coatings
  • Non-Food Grade Grease and Water Resistance

LiquiShield® AQ9600 Series

  • Satin Release Coatings

Contact your local ACTEGA representative with any questions and for CFR compliance food contact details and limitations.