POE 薄膜用 ACTEGA 热封光油和保护光油


铝质易撕盖 (POE) 在金属罐马口铁拉环处进行密封。与其他开罐方式相比,易撕盖的优点众多。POE 具有与传统封盖膜相同的高阻隔性,但非常人性化,可将开罐时的受伤风险降至最低。

Our coatings impress with their performance and color variety, which open up individual design options. At the same time, with our products we offer customers the opportunity to produce POE membranes themselves at economically attractive conditions.

Stefan Brandhoff Vice President of Sales Flexible Packaging EMEA

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Product properties of our protective coatings

  • Heat press resistant
  • Embossable
  • Suitable for gravure, flexo and digital printing
  • Suitable for classic drying or UV curing
  • FDA approval for indirect food contact
  • Available in different shades
Our product recommendations:
  • ACTEcoat® SW-142-0516 (water-based)
  • ACTEcoat® FL65105-W (solvent-based)
  • ACTEcoat® PPR-130-0525 (solvent-based) + hardener

Product properties of our heatseal coatings

  • Excellent sealing seam strength
  • Clear white break mark when first opened
  • High burst pressure for transport and storage at high temperatures
  • Sealable against painted and unpainted tinplate
  • Good processability
  • Mono-layer and multi-layer structure possible
  • Embossable
  • Suitable for gravure printing
  • Suitable for food packaging in compliance with the law
Our product recommendations:
  • ACTEseal® HS-850 (solvent-based): ​​​ For sealing against non-lacquered tinplate with a clear white break mark
  • ACTEseal® HM-073-M-2 (solvent-based): For sealing against non-lacquered tinplate at high sealing temperatures


Advantages for our customers

  • Tailor-made product solutions depending on the filling material and technical plant
  • Colored coatings offer a wide range of design and marketing possibilities
  • Good price/performance ratio enables economical in-house production of POE membranes
  • No extrusion equipment required
  • Worldwide technical advice, also on site at the plant

The right product for every lid application

In addition to our protective and heatseal coatings for POE, we also offer coatings for a variety of other lidding applications, including sensitive foods such as dairy products that are demanding in terms of taste, freshness, storage processes and shelf life. These also include spacer coatings that ensure smooth operation in the filling line. Unlike embossing, which can press into the printed image, spacer coatings do not impair it and can even be integrated into the printed image.

Our brands for POE membrane films

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