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Pressure Sensitive Labels:​
FoodClass® UV Gloss Coating​

FoodClass® is the product line for certified UV coatings in​
the area of food packaging and labels. These are all UV coatings that can be used in the indirect contact to dry and fat-including foodstuffs without the application of a functional or absolute barrier. Here you can find more information about FoodClass®.​

Products and their regional availability at a glance:​

  • TerraGloss UV Gloss Varnish G 8/389 NVK FoodClass​
    Find more product details here.​
  • MiraFoil Silver Coating UV08201​
    Find more product details here.​

  • MiraFoil UVS4029 ​
    Find more product details here.​

  • Please see products from USA and Europe/Asia.​


  • PRESS: HP Indigo 6800, ABG Digicon Offline Coater​
  • SUBSTRATE: Polypropylene white​
  • INKS: Liquid toner 4c ​
  • COATING(S): TerraGloss UV Gloss Varnish G 8/389 NVK FoodClass; MiraFoil Silver Coating UV08201​
  • ANILOX ROLLER: 20 cm3/m2 hexagonal, 400 l/cm ​