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Pressure Sensitive Labels:​
MiraFoil® UV Silver Coating​

​MiraFoil® brand liquid coatings are an environmentally sustainable alternative to foil board laminating and hot foil stamping equally brilliant to foil. Combine MiraFoil® with eye-catching relief effects – added value at every point of sale. MiraFoil® is also available for the indirect food contact.​

Products and their regional availability at a glance:​

  • MiraFoil Silver Coating UV08201
    Find more product details here.​
  • TerraScreen UV Gloss Varnish G 22/610 NVK
    Find more product details here.​

  • MiraFoil® UVS4027
    Find more product details here.​
  • RVG1484 Tactile Coat RS ​

  • Please see products from USA and Europe/Asia.​


  • PRESS: SPG Rotary Screen​
  • SUBSTRATE: Paper Honey Classine 65 (RP51), paper white​
  • COATING(S): MiraFoil Silver Coating UV08201, TerraScreen UV Gloss Varnish G 22/610 NVK​
  • SCREEN/SQUEEGEE: RP 355 F / Brown 80°shore RP 215 V / Green 78°shore ​