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Paper-based Packaging: ACTGreen® Sustainable Coatings

This is an ACTGreen® dull matt and gloss coating combination. Both products are partly based on renewable and recycled raw materials. These include both recycled raw materials of fossil origin as well as bio-based materials. The coatings achieve a sustainability of more than 50%, referring to the coating’s solids. Here you can find more information about ACTGreen®.

Discover ACTGreen® Sustainable Coatings, our brand for coatings dedicated to ecological sustainability.



  • ​​​​​PRESS: Koenig & Bauer RA106-6+LTTL
  • SUBSTRATE: 300 g/m² California
  • INKS: 5/1 c
  • COATING(S): ACTGreen Gloss Coating AQ140378 (full area); ACTGreen Matt Coating AQ140065 (spot application)
  • ANILOX ROLLER: Gloss Coating = 15cm³/m², hexagonal, 80 L/cm; Matt Coating = 11cm³/m², hexagonal, 100 L/cm