Coating Cost / Usage Calculator


Please calculate here the coating amount that you need for your printing job. This calculation is considered a general estimate. Depending on different influencing factors, the result may vary. Please note that the result refers to the coating amount that is transferred to the printing sheet. The gross coating amount increases by the coating amount required for circulation.Results will appear once necessary data is entered.

Applicator Blanket / Roller Coaters Anilox/Chambered Doctor Blade Coaters Screen Coaters Litho / Ink Train
10 bcm 11 bcm 12 bcm 420 mesh 390 mesh 355 mesh
Sheet Width (inches)
Sheet Length (inches)
% Coverage
Number of Impressions
Coating Cost/L.b.
Coating Used (lbs.)
Coating Cost (per sheet)
Coating Cost (per 1000)
Coating Cost (per job)

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