ACTDigi® LEP Primer

NEW: Inline Primer for HP Indigo 30000

Discover the water-based ACTDigi® LEP primer as a result of the alliance between HP Indigo and ACTEGA. This product has been especially developed for the in-line use with HP Indigo 30000 digital presses. It provides advantages in terms of clean-up procedures and meets all regulation compliance, including Nestlé, Swiss and REACH.

To be applied on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates: ACTDigi® LEP Primer AQ1409610 for the digital folding carton, commercial, trading cards and gift card production.



ACTEGA provides a broad variety of solutions for digital printing with a focus on innovative and high quality products, technical support and services. Our primers are especially adapted to substrates for liquid toner systems.

ACTDigi® LEP Primers are formulated to improve ink transfer from the blanket to the substrate and ink adhesion on the substrate. Products are characterized by stable technical attributes and easy to use.

Contact your local ACTEGA representative to discuss your specific requirements and arrange a trial.

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All primer advantages at a glance:

Processing Advantages at a Glance:
  • Easy handling
  • Less cleaning effort at the press
  • For a high lifespan of blankets
  • Improved PIP life
  • Improved ink transfer onto rough paper boards
  • To be used on various substrates (e.g. paper, board, metallized board)
Technical Advantages at a Glance: 
  • Use of highly purified raw materials
  • Superior surface adhesion
  • High performance ink transfer
  • Improved water resistance
  • Less foaming
  • Excellent flow-out
  • Press stability
Regulatory Advantages at a Glance:
  • Compliant to the Swiss Ordinance
  • Solvent-free
  • Nestlé compliant
  • Suitable for Indirect Food Contact
Visual Advantages at a Glance:
  • Gloss-neutral appearance
  • Dot-sharp color reproduction
  • Improved anti-yellowing with time and heat

ACTEGA recommends the use of our ACTDigi® Primer Indicator Solution AQ1409611 to confirm if the substrate has already been primed or not. This is important as areas without sufficient primer layer may cause problems in the printing process and further processing.


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