BPA-NI and epoxysilane-FREE adhesives from the ACTEbond® range

For portion packs

Portion packs offer a multitude of benefits.  They embody the convenience philosophy of ready-made meals (including smaller pack sizes) and easy portioning. The packaging must never affect the quality of the contents and always needs to meet the visual requirements of the brand owners.

  • For pet and human food
  • For drinks such as tea and coffee

Food safety thanks to adhesives that are free of epoxysilanes and BPA

Reliably safeguarding consumer health is our top priority. When it comes to applications that involve (direct) contact with foods, we painstakingly investigate the safety of the relevant raw materials and use only materials that verifiably comply with food regulations (such as FDA and EU directives).

As part of a safety-conscious approach, ACTEGA has developed adhesives that are free from BPA and epoxysilanes (such as GLYMO and GLYEO) but also exhibit outstanding performance.

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ACTEbond® ASB-208 series
  • Can be used for all conventional aluminum substrates and critical contents (acidic and fatty)
  • Also available in a wide variety of colors
  • Aliphatic, yellowing-resistant hardener for aluminum laminates
  • Doesn’t generate any primary aromatic amines (PAA) during sterilization process

Physical data​​​​

Adhensives Solid content [%] Density [g/ml] Viscosity
ACTEbond® ASB-208 49 ± 2 1.045 ± 0.05 2,500 ± 1,500 mPas
ACTEbond® ASB-208 (gold) 53 ± 1 1.050 ± 0.05 1,000 ± 500 mPas
Hardener Solid content [%] Density [g/ml] Viscosity
HT-049-S 85 ± 2 1.10 ± 0.05 1,000 ± 500 mPas

​​​​​​FORMULATION: Solvent-based 2-component polyurethane adhesive based on polyols in combination with aliphatic isocyanates.

Technical Data

ACTEbond® ASB-208 and HT-049-S
  • Also meets the most stringent requirements for sterilization resistance
  • Outstanding substrate adhesion and flexibility
  • Exceptionally good thermal and chemical resistance
  • Free from aromatics (no PAAs are produced during sterilization)


By using thinner aluminum, ACTEGA is helping cut packaging waste and making a major contribution to preserving resources (reduced use of materials and energy).


The occupational health of people and animals is our number one priority. ACTEGA has decades of expertise in food law, making us a reliable partner that our customers and the end consumer can rely on 100 %.


For the consumer:
  • ​​​​​​​Safe food packaging free from BPA and epoxysilanes  ​​​​​​​

For our customers:​​​​​​​
  • ​​​​​​​Excellent adhesion, including to aluminum substrates
  • Supports use on aluminum that contains magnesium or has been batch-annealed
  • Outstanding filling resistance (even for contents with extremely high acid or fat levels) ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Here you can see the typical structure of a tray for food and pet food.

​​​​​​​Besides laminating adhesives, we also offer a wide-ranging portfolio of ACTEcoat® protective coatings for food trays.

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Our epoxysilane-free and BPA-NI laminating adhesives achieve adhesion values that are significantly above the standard.

Our adhesives are also available in a wide variety of colors

The pigmented adhesives from ACTEGA combine a decorative appearance with functional performance, while our color expertise offers additional, unique features for our ACTEbond® laminating adhesives range.

​​​​​​​The colored versions enable you to replace full-area color printing. This saves on processing time and costs while also making it possible to create custom packaging designs by printing additional colors. Our pigmented adhesives are also impressive thanks to their excellent covering properties and their suitability for direct contact with foods (in line with FDA and EU directives).

Find out more about ACTEbond® adhesives or contact us if you have any questions.

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Our adhesive system achieves a level of quality that was previously only found in adhesives containing epoxy resin or epoxysilane!

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