Finishing on the highest level

UV coatings provide finishing on the highest level. They perfectly protect the printed product and enable a smooth further processing. Also, they offer many advantages: A high reactivity, good running characteristics, a very high scratch and scuff resistance as well as a high chemical resistance. TerraGloss® stands for a broad portfolio of UV coatings for the printing industry.

UV coatings by ACTEGA are based on carefully selected and tested raw materials. Their broad application spectrum offers optimum solutions.


Convincing technology

UV coatings cure under ultraviolet radiation by means of a chemical reaction, a chain polymerization. During the radiation with UV energy, the photoinitiators become highly reactive particles. These particles crosslink the acrylates so that a plastic film is formed within milliseconds.

UV coatings by ACTEGA persuade by the use of high-quality raw materials, advanced formulations and a trouble-free processing.

FRANK KAMPHUIS Head of Research & Development

ACTEGA provides a broad portfolio of UV coatings for the printing industry. This is TerraGloss®

For a great variety of applications:

  • Folded boxes
  • Labels
  • Publications 
  • Commercials

For various printing processes:

  • Sheet-fed offset
  • Flexo
  • Narrow web
  • Offline

For selected functions and effects:

  • Protective
  • Release
  • Outdoor
  • Tactile & drip off, etc.

For numerous end uses:

  • Indirect food contact
  • Personal Care
  • Pharma
  • Toys
  • Displays
  • Publishing products, etc.


LED-UV coatings

Also discover our new product line for LED-UV coatings.


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