Water-based coatings play a vital role in the production of printed products

They protect the printed product, provide for fast converting, give the right finishing, guarantee security and extend the printed product with valuable functions.

StarKote® coatings offer excellent processing capabilities and performance for a wide variety of applications for the printing industry.

StarKote® water based coatings are leading the market in North America due to their quality and
strength in innovation.


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StarKote® coatings are based on carefully selected and tested raw materials. ACTEGA’s formulators have developed a comprehensive product portfolio to meet the high quality and technical requirements of our customers.

Our StarKote® product portfolio is serving a wide range of different printing jobs and will help you to solve all your challenges.

Robert Andrews Product Manager Paper-based Packaging / Publication & Commercial

StarKote® water-based coatings:

  • Primer coatings
  • High Gloss coatings
  • Satin coatings
  • Matte coatings
  • Matte/Gloss contrast effect coatings
  • Soft Touch coatings
  • Folding Cartons
  • Commercial Prints
  • Publications
  • Heat resistant coatings
  • Work & Turn coatings
  • Environmentally Friendly aqueous coatings
  • Coatings for non-absorbent substrates
  • Ink Train coatings for sheetfed and web offset
  • Coating Additives

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