With its ACTELAR® Masterbatch, ACTEGA DS has developed an innovative technology that makes plastics – in particular packaging and closures – laser-markable. The innovative additive causes the absorption of light energy and, as a result of a thermal effect, leads to a dark colour change. ACTELAR® allows you to produce controlled and clearly defined markings. The ACTELAR® Masterbatch technology is particularly suitable for marking surfaces where this was previously not possible.

100% food-compatible – 100% safe

ACTELAR® Masterbatch is non-toxic and produces the desired results without the use of heavy metals and therefore has unconditional approval for direct contact with foodstuffs in accordance with FDA and EU regulations. Even where marking is carried out on food packaging after it has been filled, there are no negative effects on the contents. It is therefore approved for use by leading brand-owners.

A strong appearance

The new ACTELAR® Masterbatch technology makes markings of the highest quality possible. The precise, razor sharp images are resistant to wear and chemicals and impress with their high contrast and their accurately detailed delineation. There is little effect on the original colour of the substrate.

Convincing in a quick and economical manner

ACTELAR® Masterbatch is easy to handle when processing plastics thanks to its granulate form and is thus excellent for both offline premixing and online dosing. The recommended additive level is between less than 1% and 3% depending upon the application. The laser-markable plastic product can be marked quickly and flexibly during different phases of the value chain. With a marking speed of up to 6,000 mm a second or 2,000 parts per minute, the system fits superbly into many industrial production processes.

More opportunities for more added value

With its ACTELAR® Masterbatch technology, ACTEGA DS opens up additional opportunities for individualised laser marking of plastic products. In addition to information about the date of filling and the use-by date, marking can also protect against counterfeiting. In addition, flexible on-pack marketing activities and promotions are possible. Whether it be pure branding, logos for competitions or graphics that are freely configurable – the new, markable plastic additive makes it all possible. Ensure a strong appearance for your branded products every time.

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