ACTEGA Calendar 2021

The final preparations for the turn of the year are now running at full steam. Even if this year had many unpleasant surprises in store - do you think it is a little too early? With us, the new year traditionally begins in late summer with the ACTEGA calendar printing! We have spent numerous months to define motifs and the ideal finishing for each month. This way exciting trends and new product solutions are staged with refinement effects. After a lot of preparations, coordination and printing tests the final calendar printing starts in September. This is always a very special moment for us when we hold the first calendar page in our hands. This year we will take you with us for some behind the scenes insights to share some exciting finishes and shorten the waiting time a little.

Something very special is not only that the calendar printing is in the 10th round this year. For the first time, not only ACTEGA Terra varnishes are used for printing, but also those from ACTEGA Schmid Rhyner – a Premiere! As an expression of our successful cooperation, we were also able to conjure up great effects in the interaction of our varnishes on the calendar pages. Accompanied by our experts, each motif is perfected until it meets our and ultimately your high requirements. We are already enthusiastic about the impressive effects and look forward to providing you a little insight into these highlights.


Are you interested in a calendar? Again, this special print product is strictly limited in the coming year and cannot be purchased. Your sales representative has the ACTEGA calendar ready for demonstrating various vivid effects. Just ask him!

In December we will publish the motifs and the topic of the ACTEGA Calendar 2021 on our website and on our social media channels. We will also show you which printing technologies were used and which products were applicated the refine the individual motifs. We are particularly looking forward to your feedback for the 10th calendar in a row already! The motifs and information of calendars from previous years can be found here.