ACTEGA has earned a Gold level Material Health Certificate for overprint varnishes of the FoodSafe series

Lehrte, 17th of August 2020 – ACTEGA has had more than 25 overprint varnishes of the FoodSafe series assessed against the criteria of the Material Health category in the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Product Standard and was awarded a Gold level Material Health Certificate by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

"With this certification, we provide additional proof of the material health, product safety and ecological quality of our FoodSafe coatings," explains Andreas Gipp, Senior Vice President der Global Business Line Paper and Board. "In this way we do not only emphasize ACTEGA's commitment to high safety standards, especially for the food industry, but also demonstrate the importance we attach to the concept of sustainability".

The Material Health Certificate uses a globally recognized methodology to assess material health. This will enable manufacturers to learn more about the chemicals used in their products - even across supply chains - and to avoid substances of concern. In addition to compliance with strict evaluation criteria for all product components and ingredients, the gold certification stands for a range of further demanding requirements:

  • The product does not contain any Banned List chemicals above the relevant thresholds. This prevents dangerous substances from accumulating in the biosphere and leading to irreversible negative effects on human health. Also excluded are substances which have hazardous properties in relation to their manufacture, use and disposal.
  • The evaluated materials are free from carcinogens, mutagens or reprotoxic substances.
  • All requirements described in the standard for emission testing of volatile organic compounds (VOC) are met.

Certified FoodSafe coatings

FoodSafe coatings fulfil three quality attributes at the same time. They are characterized by low migration and fall below the global migration limit of 60 mg/kg (EU cube model). They have been tested by accredited testing laboratories and certified for the direct contact to dry and fat-containing foodstuffs. FoodSafe coatings comply with the Swiss Ordinance and only use those raw materials that are specified in the positive list (SR 817.023.21).

In a first step, the most in-demand FoodSafe solutions were selected for certification in order to offer additional added value to as many customers as possible. These include gloss coatings, matt and dull matt coatings as well as coatings with selected functions, such as suitability for counter gluing. In a second step, additional products will now be evaluated.

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The FoodSafe seal by ACTEGA represents legally compliant varnishing of food packaging.​​​​​​​

More than 25 coatings from the FoodSafe range have been awarded the Gold level Material Health Certificate.

ACTEGA is a division of the internationally operating specialty chemicals group ALTANA and develops and produces coatings, sealants, printing inks and adhesives for flexible and rigid packaging as well as the graphic arts industry. These products do not only provide materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics or metal with an attractive surface, but also with functional properties such as chemical and physical resistance. ACTEGA' s main customer for the products developed, produced and marketed is the packaging industry.