Advantages of LED-UV coatings

LED-UV technology combines all advantages of traditional UV printing; however - compared to conventional lamps - without the emission of ozone or the use of mercury vapor lamps. Overprint varnishes are indispensable in LED-UV printing, too. They finish printed products with valuable visual effects and differentiate the brand from competition.

  • Immediate curing despite low radiant energy
  • Application is emission-free (ozone)
  • Energy savings
  • Consistent intensity and longer lifespan of lamps
  • Limited heat generation

Whether stamping, high gloss or matt, drip off, partially applied or full area –
LED-UV coatings offer printers the possibility to “set apart from the crowd”.



- LED-UV Matt Coatings
- LED-UV Gloss Coatings
- LED-UV MotionCoat®
- LED-UV Release Coatings

End uses

- Pressure Sensitive Labels
- Shrink Sleeves



- Pressure Sensitive
- Shrink Sleeve Labels


Advantages of LED-UV coatings


  • LED-UV coatings are far more than protection.
  • They provide graphic image enhancement and differentiate the brand from competition.
  • They offer printers the possibility to “set apart from the crowd”.

Technical Properties:

  • LED-UV coatings are easy to process.
  • They are highly reactive, mechanical resistant and show a good flow-out.
  • They enable clear and high-contrast printing images.

Environmental Facts:

  • LED-UV coatings forego anti-set-off powders (less cleaning, better working conditions).
  • They provide immediate curing despite low radiant energy.
  • Their application is emission-free (ozone).
„ACTEGA’s LED-UV solutions will “Cure” your labels with a range of effects from Matt to High Gloss and specialty options such as release, MotionCoat and drip off.”

Mell Bishop III

Global Market Manager, Flexible Packaging

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